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Bright, Striking, Stunning, Unforgettable, Vibrant, Bold, Extraordinary, Captivating, Soulful, Stirring—these are some of the words that I have heard mentioned or been told in reference to my photographs.

I love photography. It is one of my main passions in life. Photography for me is a deeply contemplative Zen-like art and process, one I can happily immerse myself in and get lost in for hours at a time. Like chess, there are so many options and variables to consider when delving into and exploring the various possibilities and intricacies of a sight or scene that has caught my eye or captured my attention and or imagination—variables such as: perspective (an inch or two in one direction or the other can make all the difference between capturing a beautiful image and a truly stunning one), lighting, choice of lens, aperture, filter(s), exposure time, et cetera. And then there’s the waiting: Waiting for the light, waiting for the right light, waiting for a cloud or two to appear or for the clouds to momentarily clear, waiting for the sunset or sunrise to “pop,” waiting for the first or last light of the day to warm a scene.

These images have all been a tremendous pleasure and labor of love to capture and then to prepare and ready into the form you see here. So please make yourselves welcome here, take your time and browse around and explore my site. And even if you decide not to purchase one of my images and add a bit more beauty to your home or office in that way, it is my hope that you will come back again and again and figuratively take of your shoes, and savor and enjoy the beauty of these photographs.

Earth’s crammed with heaven,
And every common bush afire with God,
But only he who sees takes off his shoes;
The rest sit round and pluck blackberries.

― Elizabeth Barrett Browning


Sometimes without any effort on our part and when we least expect it, the soul shows up, pulls the rug of ordinary life from beneath us, and showers us with its confounding radiance. We hear our true name spoken for the first time, or an angel appears and invites us to wrestle, or we awake in the wilderness at midnight to a deer licking our forehead, or, out of nowhere, God says, ‘Take off your shoes!’ It ‘just happens’ sometimes, or at least so it seems to the everyday mind.” – Bill Plotkin

Thank you for visiting my site and thank you for your interest in my photography!

John F. Kirk
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