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For me, a photograph in its final or ultimate form isn’t just what you see here as an image on your computer screen.  It’s much more than that.  It’s a work of art; it’s something that you see in front of you in real life and in three dimensions, in some form—canvas, metallic, photographic paper—hanging on a wall in a home or a gallery, with thought having been given to each aspect of what you are viewing—the lighting, the choice of medium—canvas, metallic print, photographic paper—the type of glass, the color and type of framing and matting, et cetera.

Each of these choices marks a significant decision the lifespan and development of a photograph.

And each of these choices involves something that has an art to it.  There’s obviously an art to photography, but there’s also (arguably) an art to the matting and framing and ultimate presentation of an image. So many things have to go right—so many variables need to be considered and accounted for, so many options need ultimately to be excluded, in order to come up with an optimal presentation of a photograph. I refer to it as the trifecta whenever the framing and the matting work in such a way so as to compliment and enhance the intrinsic beauty of an image instead of impinging upon it or competing with and distracting the viewer from it.

To my mind, undeniably there is an art to framing—to choosing the right (or best) frame and the right / best matt and combination of these two.

Certain photographs naturally lends themselves to wanting be displayed a certain way.  Not every photograph belongs on canvas as a giclée gallery wrap.  Not every photograph is best presented on photographic paper.  A lot of consideration (and trial and error) often goes into the final display form that any given photograph ultimately takes.

All of this is a way of framing my commitment to bringing to my clientele the highest quality photographic prints and canvases possible.  When you purchase one of my photographs, you can expect that great care will have been given by me to the details of each finished print as well as to every step of the process along the way.  Thus as a side note, not every one of my photographs will support being enlarged to a size of 24 x 36 or 36 x 54, et cetera.  The maximum size that I determine that a particular photograph can reasonably be enlarged to will depend on such factors as the quality of the lighting when the photograph was originally taken, the quality of the camera (some of these images date back many years, back to a time when the megapixel count on high-end and mid-level DSLRs were still in the single digits) at the time of the photograph, the digital file format, et cetera.  There has been a learning curve in regards to all of this on my part over the years.  And yet just because a photograph was taken on a first or second generation DSLR with a single-digit megapixel count, and may not have been taken with an L quality (professional) lens, that doesn’t negate the artistic beauty and merit of the composition.  The newer cameras (which I now use) and better quality lenses (ditto) allow for greater possibilities in terms of making much larger prints and or cropping and still making large prints off of a cropped image.

When making a purchase of a print from John F. Kirk photography, your satisfaction is my highest concern.  I want you to be deeply enthralled with the quality of what you receive.  From my perspective, you aren’t just purchasing a “photograph,” you’re purchasing a work of art—something that I have labored over, invested myself in, imbued with my passion and creativity and vision, something that has brought me such great joy throughout the entire process—from the moment when something first caught my eye or piqued my imagination, and then when I started experimenting with different ways of trying to capture what I was seeing and envisioning, all the way to the final digital photographic files you see before you on your computer screen and that you might one day hold in your hands or hang proudly on your wall.  The sense of wonder and joy and the absolute privilege I have been able to experience again and again in taking these photographs, I want you to feel and experience again and again, for years to come, when you hold one of my photographs in your hands or display it on one of your walls.

Also, I will happily sign any photograph (on the photograph in a bottom corner, below the photograph on a white or black border, or on the back of the photograph) you order from me, and if desired even happily include a personal inscription or note of appreciation.

Please email me with any questions or pricing and sizing inquiries at: johnfkirkphotography@gmail.com

where you can view my photographs in person

The following fine art galleries are currently displaying my photographs:

CADC Connecting Art & Design Community | 45 South St. Clair Street | Dayton, Ohio 45402 | 937.313.9883 | Hours: Wednesday – Friday, 11am to 6pm | Saturday, 11am to 5pm | First Friday, 5pm to 10pm

Wind Fine Art Gallery | 7300 Far Hills Avenue Dayton, OH. 45459 |Centerville Ohio|937.291.4383 | Hours: Tues, Wed, & Thur 11-6, Fri & Sat 11-4 (Gallery is Open for Appointments)|Mail: WindGallery@sbcglobal.net 

Thank you for your interest in my photography & for taking the time to visit my site!

John Kirk

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